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Here you will find the next workshops I will be running or more info on my mentoring services. Please click on the links below for more information

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    I will be running various different workshops ranging from life drawing, to colour mixing, landscape and still life painting courses. It does not matter about previous experience, you can be a novice, intermediate or just wanting to work in a studio setting. Venues will vary and there will be some week long all inclusive painting holidays in France and Italy to be announced. I guarantee you will get a lot out of any course and I make sure I give you as much personal attention as you need, and come away having learnt some useful tools and ideas.


    Do you need someone to ‘critique’ your work in a positive and helpful manner, do you need help in learning techniques or help with colour, values and composition? I can help, either one to one or via a video link of your choice. Please contact me for more information and the cost packages I can offer. My aim is not to teach you to paint like me, but to expand your own unique skills or styles, so each client I treat respectfully as having unique qualities and my job is just to help you to maximise your own skills!

    Our Talents



    From ‘site size’ traditional drawing and painting to abstract expression I will be able to help. Dont be shy, there is nothing to lose by making an enquiry. I will always give honest and helpful feedback.


    I know when I started painting I was intimidated by how many colours were available at an art shop and didn’t know where to start! Forget buying ‘flesh pink’ or even one of the blacks. Discover how to mix beautiful shades of grey. Learn about a limited palette, the “Zorn palette”, or a pure colour palette….. when you know a little more about colour mixing you will learn that you can achieve virtually any colour with a lot less tubes of paint than you realised, which incidentally will save you a lot of money and wasted paint!


    Understand the importance of values and hues, How to build up an image making sure you have the values right before you even start using colour. Learn about ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ edges and your paintings will jump to another level.


    Whilst there are no hard rules in painting, learning about perspective is extremely helpful, even if you are a more abstract painter. Learn about the ‘golden section’ and other great secrets of the old masters or just understand the basics of perspective and vanishing points. Learn how to draw the viewer into your painting, to get a good composition very time.

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