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Art and Design


How I see the world….

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Welcome to my Page


Please scroll down for more info or use the Portfolio button in the header menu to find specific genres. As well as my art there will be information on teaching, mentoring and painting courses updated as and when they happen. Please also check out my blog!

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Creativity Has No



ArtArt these days can seemingly be whatever it wants… If an artist or gallery deems it to be art, then it is art! My work is not mainstream or cutting edge but I would describe it as honest. As a figurative and realist painter, my art automatically puts me into that category. However, having said that I am moving towards a loser and more painterly style, but with a portrait commission for example most clients firstly expect a good likeness and composition, which I respect and adhere to. However my own, non commissioned work will I hope develop as I develop. I dont think any artist should stand still, but constantly evolve. For me the main transition initially is to move away from decorative art, my background, to being a figurative painter who’s style will move with the way I see things.


Past and Present

Recent and Ongoing Projects


Here is where you can view projects I am currently working on or recent finished works, some will be for sale, others not. And the news page will be about upcoming plans and classes etc.


Available works for Sale


Recent Design / wallpaper/ decorative projects


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Jamie Scott-Hopkins
Jamie Scott-Hopkins
3. June, 2022.
Totally satisfied, very professional service. I never give 5 star reviews because I think they look faked 😉
janie neville
janie neville
2. June, 2022.
First rate website, simple to navigate unlike some, very good for a non techy old woman well past her sell by date! The variety and versatility of your work is astonishing, I wish I could afford lots more, particularly your Still Life’s, so calming in a limited palette. You should win awards for them….
James Hill
James Hill
31. May, 2022.
Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of art and design with a great eye for detail

Memories & Experiences


  • What makes good Art?

    I am often asked by friends what is art, or what makes good art, or my child of 6 could have done that!! My answer is to that is ‘but they didnt!’ I thought I would take Jean-Michel Basquait as a good example of this!......

  • Gwen John

    I was wandering through a house filled with beautiful art the other day and I stopped in front of a very simple but stunning drawing. Baring in mind this house had a beautiful collection of Renaissance and Dutch oil paintings, my host was intrigued! I......

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